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. . . on the amazing Lake Ratzeburgfiles/schifffahrt_ratzeburg/bilder/Seeadler1.jpg

Only minutes away from Lübeck Airport, Ratzeburg lies in the scenic Lauenburg Lakes Nature Park. Surrounded by four beautiful lakes, the town is the ideal starting point to explore the region on the luxury excursion boats operated by the Ratzeburg Passenger Shipping Company. Lake Ratzeburg is fun and recreation - far removed from the hectic of everyday life. And it's not just for families.

Trips last 30 minutes or two hours.

Experience "The Culture of the Cathedral Island",

  • with its grand 12th century romanesque cathedral,
  • the mansion house of the Dukes of Mecklenburg,
  • the picturesque homes and gardens.

On the longer tour experience the intact habitat of Greater Lake Ratzeburg. Cruise through the nature conservancy plus the biosphere reserve which reaches along the eastern shore. Spot rich wildlife such as the rare bittern, the osprey or the white-tailed eagle which all nest and fish here.

Competitive saling - olympic rowers

The lake is home to highly competitive sailing regattas. Watch olympic rowers endure their regular training spells while viking tallships, water bicycles and dragon boats round off an exciting mix of waterborne activity. A cruise on Lake Ratzeburg is always a special experience. The sun decks of the "Heinrich der Löwe" are ideal vantage points in dry weather. Take shelter in the luxury saloons come rain or storm.

files/schifffahrt_ratzeburg/bilder/schiffahrt_rz_jungaamruder.jpgFor budding captains

And there's always something to do for children of every age. On the deck of the "big" passenger boat sits a "baby" ship where young mariners can be skipper for a day.

Tempting meals

The selection of tempting meals and drinks will suit every family, company, or club outing. There are delicious snacks, our dish of the day "home-cooked special", an ice-cream menu and a large variety of refreshments. Or you can settle for just a cup of tea or coffee. With the beautiful surroundings and the unspoiled nature you'll enjoy a real tonic for body and soul.

Further information

For further information please go to http://www.schiffahrt-ratzeburg. de/ and click on "Fahrpläne" (Route Information) or "Fahrpreise" (Ticket Prices). Public parking (day ticket: 2,00 EUR) is available close to the main "Schlosswiese - Lüneburger Damm" landing stage in Ratzeburg.

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